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Database Design

Quadrant Technology, LLC also specializes in database design and development. This is one of the best ways of providing web-based data management and e-commerce capabilities. Update your website information in minutes to keep your content current. This will not only keep your business growing, it helps retain clients and convert prospects. Here are some examples of the features you can implement with a Microsoft Access, MySQL, or Microsoft SQL database:

Remote Access/Administration

This will allow the administrators to update, modify or print records from anywhere there is Internet access. This will also allow your business to have a 'Remote Back Office' or 'Content Management System' for people who travel or stay in the field a lot. You can also setup specific areas that administrators have access to if you have multiple administrators who are constantly updating different areas of your website. Using something as simple as a web browser for updates makes it easy with no need to learn any programming!

Dynamic Websites

This will allow your website to connect with your database and allow your content to stay current. With our advanced application development, your website is not only scalable, but your content is easier to manage and display. Why spend countless hours manually updating static HTML pages? Let Quadrant Technology, LLC build you a Dynamic Website that is easy to update.

Easily Searchable

Create a 'Site Search Engine' that will allow for your users to find information faster and easier. Instead of people browsing your site for specific information, they can simply type what they are looking for. User friendly features like this result in higher levels of client retention and website visitors. The search engine automatically updates itself every time you add information to your website and database.

Website Themes

This will allow for your website to have different 'Themes' in case you have a website that has a lot of different departments or if you have a subscription service that allows for people to 'Create their own website'.

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