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Professional Website Development

As the Internet continues to grow at an astonishing rate, an increasing number of businesses are focusing their efforts towards effective Internet marketing through the use of high-impact websites. Our websites can provide your business with everything from improved marketing strategies and customer service to secure online data management and electronic commerce solutions. The growth of the Internet is no passing fad with more and more people looking to it as their main source for information, convenience, and to purchase goods and services via e-commerce.

Quadrant Technology, LLC specializes in providing professional websites that load fast, navigate well and make a positive impact. We have been providing Internet consulting, web development, e-commerce, corporate branding, website hosting and web-based application development since 1997. We guarantee you will love the work we do.

The UPA Factor

According to Forrester Research: "Today's Web sites, extranets, and intranets fail when they don't support user goals. Forrester has found that 75% of empowered consumers return to sites because of high-quality content and 66% come back because of ease-of-use. So without quality content and good usability, firms won't lure back online customers and prospects".

When a consumer visits a website, the natural human inclination to illogically and unconsciously assume that there is a parallel between a part and its whole - we dub this human propensity as a UPA (or Unconscious Paralleled Assumption). For example, if you visit a website whose design is poor or unprofessional, or one hosted on a cheap server, you will naturally assume that the business behind it or the products it sells are just the same: Poor... Unprofessional... Cheap... Etcetera.

Why Websites Fail:


There are several reasons why websites do not achieve their desired results. There are exceptions to the case as with all market research, yet we have listed the top reasons in their order of relevance:

  • People Cannot Find Your Website - This is a VERY important part of your web strategy. The number one reason websites do not achieve their full potential is due to lack of visibility. You may have a professional website, but if nobody can find it in the search engines, then what good is it? Quadrant Technology Optimizing can get your site ranking high in the search engines every month. Contact us about our SEO Program today.
  • Poor Content Management - This is the most common mistake made by web development firms and freelancers. This is the number one reason people return to your site or refer others to it. Without proper content management, you simply do not provide the end-user with the information he or she came to your site looking for to begin with. The chances of luring them back to your site are greatly diminished.
  • Poor Website Design - This goes hand-in-hand with proper content management. In fact, if your website is not designed to fit the content and functionality that you are willing to put into it, then it is doomed from the beginning. It is essential that you consider the long-term effects of hiring a freelancer to develop a website for your business.
  • Poor Navigation - When people visit a website, they are looking for specific information about your company's products or services. If your website is not designed with a good navigation system, then they will likely seek a competitor that does. It is essential that you provide them with the easiest means of finding the information they are looking for the moment they visit your site.
  • Your Website Loads Slow - This could be due to several reasons. It could be that the graphics are too large in size, the web server that it is hosted on is slow, there might not be enough bandwidth, or a combination of these. Nicely designed websites that have small file size and fast servers with plenty of bandwidth are a necessity when competing in today's high-paced marketplace.
  • Poor Customer Service - Have you ever visited a website looking to contact them regarding an important support issue and find that there is no phone number to call? One of the main reasons businesses get a website is to improve their customer service and to provide contact information. If people cannot get the support they need from your website, then you will either be bombarded with phone calls or worse - no calls. Providing adequate customer services and technical support resources is a key ingredient in a successful website.

The reason why our websites produce the desired results are due to years of industry experience, our unwavering commitment to perfection and attention to detail.

Design Philosophies:
  • Proper image sampling to ensure highest visible quality and fast loading.
  • Creative layout with emphasis on artistic style, functionality, and scalability.
  • Color schemes that allow for viewers to read content easily.
  • Custom graphics & effects that load quickly while making an impact.
  • Proper content management layout for ease of use and navigation.
  • Personal consultation for business analysis & website content.
  • Keeping up with latest browser features to ensure compatibility.
  • Exploring new technologies to provide complete web-based business solutions.

Quadrant Technology, LLC is dedicated to building custom websites that are tailor-made from the ground up to fit your company's image and help ensure successful business objectives.

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